Sunday, August 14, 2016


An arm thrown around defunct machinery. The prevalence of sorrow, sorrow as common ambience. What stoppages a grid offers, what off-ramps. The pale, sifted orange of afternoon windows. The pale, sifted orange of careful thinking. The same clouds for two weeks. It needs to rain, and it rains, dotty fabric, the rain. Not enough to discredit the integrity of structures, okay okay. A vehicle cannot pass-through another vehicle. A towering support isn’t two, but one. The skin of obedience as opposed to the metastasis of anger. How many ways to beg, “No.” An insinuation of relief despite the full moon of a lamppost aglittering the sidewalk purified by a victim, just leaking blood. And the footsteps, the babble of footsteps in too many directions, to be understood. . . .


Passenger Doe as . . . .  Tooth-Picker

Commuter Rail

Produced By:  
Blood And Gutstein Films

Running time:

Advance Praise:
“This film gives you nothing to chew over and everything to brush.” –Crown Town
“You still gotta floss.” –4 out of 5 Dentists
“I saw this movie and masticated immediately!” –Paste Haste

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