Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anemia Per Se

"Darn deez doodles!"

An Appointment can be a Disappointment whereas an Ointment can salve a Disappointment, which may, in fact, remove the Appointment. Luggage is that which you lug; baggage is that which you bag; adage is that which you add. If you want a diagnosis, you will have to settle for a Diagnosis Per Se. Describe your symptoms one month in advance and await your Diagnosis Per Se underneath the oleander, beside the Winded Patient Per Se, the Rattled Patient Per Se, and the Chapped Patient Per Se. Is peat hummous a Canadian legume dip? Does one harvest peat in the classical sense of the word harvest or the classical sense of the word peat? "Repeat" is to "peat again" whereas more than two peats, i.e., a "threepeat", gets you into the whole Multiple Bean Salad Corollary. Kind of like The Eve before The Eve. Next thing you know, we'll be celebrating every blooming day, irregardless of that day's "musty parlors of yore." I think I feel a Germ coming on, I mean, Germ in the singular. Germ became Germs the way McDonald's has served more Cheeseburgers Per Se, than Cheeseburgers. Every American must engage in QUIZ, no Americans must engage in STOUT, some Americans engage in both QUIZ and STOUT, many Americans resent QUIZ and resent STOUT, those (latter) Americans have, for the time being, lost their electric power. Worshipped is a cross between warshipped and horsewhipped and worcestershire and horseradish but The New Church of Ladder Day Saints will be honoring those who have performed miracles "on the rungs" as it were. There are steps to that faith and footholds, too, at the top of the climb Norman Rockwell hands you a burrito; guacamole is $0.50 extra.


RITA said...

Make my burrito a Beef Pineapple Burrito.

mark wallace said...

Pork chops and homemade sausage stuffing: Stout.

Student Recommendations: Quiz.

Dan / Daniel Gutstein said...

Beef Robot Burrito w/Pinapple at $0.50 extra. -----------BA

Dan / Daniel Gutstein said...

Pork chops.....etc......STOUT. Yes.

Student recs............QUIZ. Yes.

Ever notice how Jehosophat is P-H-A-T phat?


sausages said...

Jehosophat: 44th President of the United States of Anemia Per Se.

Beat Jumpin' Jack Flash 364-174.

Dan / Daniel Gutstein said...

I'm pretty phat myself after I ate half a turkey yesterday. ---------BA