Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'll Never Go Back to Georgia

The problem of the chow chow, unleashed, in a summery rural lane. With no owner, apparently, nearby. And no people, for that matter, anywhere about. The problem of that chow chow, cocking his head, raising his tail, in that rural lane. In Georgia. He'd been clenching a softball in his jaws, and when I arrived, dropped it, slobbery, beaten by bats and gloves. The ball rolled off to the side and the chow chow cocked his head, a black dog with purple gums, its tail not passive, but raising like hackles. To know a dog's name is to know his combination and if you get one or two tries incorrect, unlike a safe -- which will just sit there, dumbly guarding its valuables -- the dog will grow and growl impatient. Or worse. Would nobody name a rottweiler "Rottweiler" or a shepherd "Shepherd" but a chow chow's second name is always "Chow Chow". And so the problem of the rural chow chow, unleashed, was solved. Even though I've never been in a country lane. In Georgia. It was Florida, instead, and the chow chow was a friend of mine.


mark wallace said...

At least that's a dog you could find even in a snowstorm. But "chow"? I'm hearing DC may be out of it.


Sorry, man. Snow delays in getting to your comment. Chow chow -- means no way we're out of it. It's all snow, all the time. I mean, there's snow, and then there are huge glaciers, icebergs all over the place. My next dog I'm calling STOUT. ------------BA

Jane D said...

"...a chow chow's second name is always "Chow Chow"

so true! I'm going to have to quote you on this one.


Hi Jane,

You'd be more than welcome to quote me on this. I've known one Chow Chow pretty well -- and "Chow Chow" worked darned well in place of his regular name. He was just as enthusiastic when you said "Chow Chow" as when you said his other name (which was Chinese).

Cheers, and thanks for your comment,