Tuesday, August 13, 2013


But who is making the love? 

Every so often in the wake of an amorous encounter a person may question the give-and-take dynamics that he or she experienced. He or she may ask, Wasn’t I the one who made the love? Even in cases of auto-gratification the questions may linger in the mind of the auto-gratifier. I was the only person there, he or she may reason, Surely I was in control! For these and other queries, let us take a proper look.

For a person in a coupling:

Does one define ‘making the love’ as (1) the entire arc of events or (2) the moment of greatest achievement? Consider how, in a play or film, one character can ‘steal the scene’ so to speak. It may be that the true love-maker precipitated ‘the final act.’

Positioning is important but it doesn’t always dictate who made the love. Many people can still make the love despite positions of (seeming) geometric disadvantage. “How so?” you may ask. Muscle tone, for starters. Cunning and guile. Yoga?

Many people like to assert that ‘making the love’ is a 50-50 proposition. In that, each partner contributes equally to 100% of the amorous encounter. Of course, there are many possible ratios: 10-90, 70-30, 51-49, 22-78, (-22)-122, to name a few.

Problem-solving skills may be important in bringing to fruition a love-making attempt. They do not confirm, however, who made the love. One may solve for height differences or changes in atmospheric conditions, thereby enabling the partner to make the love.

One might argue that, when traveling in the southern hemisphere, the otherwise docile partner made the love. When in fact, the dominant partner still made the love, only in the opposite direction. Consider the employment of a compass for sub-equator maneuvers.

Even as colorful language (i.e., ‘dirty talk’) or any other ‘bedroom fetish’ may contribute substantially to the amorous rhythm, it is important to remember that the ‘talker’ or the ‘fetishist’ may serve, in fact, as an “egger-on” rather than the actual love-maker.

Did you pay for a good dinner? If so, chances are the other person made the love to you out of sheer gratitude. Man, people are hungry these days! If you’d like to make the love—next time consider nudging the dinner tab toward your partner.

Perhaps the horse-action saddle makes the love.

For an auto-gratifier:

When auto-gratifying with all-natural equipment, the biggest question may be: did your hand make the love to you or did you make the love to your hand? This question is not so easily answerable. Did your hand seem especially buoyant after the encounter? If using your off-hand, then it may feel as if another person were making the love to you.

When auto-gratifying with a device, consider the nation of manufacture. If ‘Made in China’, for example, then perhaps the peoples of China are making the love to you. The power source may also be the provider—that is, Duracell may be the love-maker. Too, the device’s materials (blow-molded plastic, synthetic rubber) may also make the love.

Resources for the love-makers:


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha! this should be required readintg f0r the love makers of amercia! sorryf or typos! GINUH


well, ginuh, one can certainly say that you wrote the typos! thanks for yr kind words & for yr typos! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BA

Geopoulos said...

Okay, Dan, I'll hand it to you -- you've really written a plum here. Or is it a peach? Maybe it's a special doughnut, for all I know. The thing is -- why all the red tape? Why can't you let "lovers" be "lovers"? Why attempt to police their actions? Sounds rather preachy-conservative to me.


Ah, DoughnutOpoulos -- you are the virtual PRESIDENT of not letting lovers be lovers. In how you ratted the POTUS for taking a lover in the White House.

In the end, a good writer writes a "peach" of a piece. You, on the other hand, write a "preach" of a piece -- when the preacher (you) is corrupted by denial.

How goes the search for specialty doughnuts, by the way? There's an odd correlation between your presence at Fractured Prune and the closing of Fractured Prune.

eh, with SprinklesOpoulos?


Anonymous said...

You have made me question my hole existence. Or was I making a hole out of it already? How can I go on when I now know that I cannot know if I was making hole or made hole, no?


identify yrself, sirrah! a small rule i have here is that (unless i can tell who you are) (and i think i know who you are but not really) you identify yrself!

that said, i think you should listen to the band, hole. there's a boxed set coming out -- i think it's all their master takes, so it's called something like COMPLETE A-HOLE, where the "a" refers to "a sides."

but i digress. the question you're asking is -- was did your hole make the love or not. of course hole could make the love. much hole makes the love on a regular basis, would be my guess, but again, whether *your* hole made the love -- yes, that's a very private conversation you might like to have with yr hole.


Anonymous said...

who is geopoulous?!


Who are you?!

As for Geopoulos -- he is either Geopoulos or not Geopoulos. He is so avant garde that he may be Neopoulos -- either that or he isn't, and is, instead, simply, a Flopoulos.

Popoulos goes the weasel.