Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Fred is named for Fred Couples, the golfer, although Fred is a female dawg. How many dawgs are named after golfiz? I don’t know her handicap. Fred may be a Rhodesian Ridgeback. If so, she’s probably a runt. It’s possible that she’s not a ridgeback, and not a runt, but instead, a red-brown dawg. Fred is a good dawg. She’s affectionate and she likes writiz. She also likes the friends of writiz. Fred used to drink a little stout. I’m encouraging Fred’s parents / owniz to allow her a smidgen of stout now and again. We’ll see how that goes. Fred runs very, very fast. It ain’t nobody around who could outrun Fred. You may think you can but you can’t. Unlike most dogs, Fred is a country-city dawg. I’ve known Fred in the city, and I’ve known Fred in the country, and the deal is: she’s basically the same dawg in both locales. Sometimes she doesn’t know who I am in the country. There, I’m just the dude who slept in the basement, but even then, she allows me some basic latitude. These pictures were taken in the city. It ain’t such a cruel city, after all, despite what you read in the papiz. See how the dawg cheers the blogger. It ain’t no little cheer, either. That’s big-time cheer. Thanks, Fred. 

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