Thursday, May 21, 2015


“Oh, why go on?” said the traveler, after arriving in a dry county: “it’s pint-less.” Outside, actors and actresses reenacted the Gunfight at the Ofay Corral. Afterwards, they cruised each other at OfayCupid. All this online dating necessitates the return of the dative case; it’s all so indirect. I put down one summer read for another summer read, A Passage to Indianapolis for The Unbearable Lightness of Bee Sting. I put down The Unbearable Lightness of Bee Sting for Topic of Capricorny. Do you put down books? It’s very insulting. Samuel Butler may know The Way of All Flesh whereas most toilets know the way of all flush. At the very end of the flush resides a ferocious reptile—a Commode O’dragon. His dream dessert? A slice of pie a la commode. Did a state of despair—pointlessness—facilitate the development of a painting technique: pointillism? By acknowledging all the pints, indeed, one can contemplate The Big Tincture.


mark wallace said...

I'm backing away from the doors and windows, looking around carefully, fearing the Big Tincture.


The Big Tincture -- like a raccoon, like a bacteria, like the high tide -- always wants to get in. It cares little about anything else, but getting in. It is "big" as in pour; it is "big" as in oomph. The Big Tincture is, basically, chill; it is there at sunset; it is there at sunrise. You have two options: (1) let it in or (2) don't let it in, but really, in reality, it's basically #1. You have to let it in.


mark wallace said...

Does The Big Tincture change the flavor of one's beer? That's key.


The Big Tincture is of course, what they call, one of them oxymorons. Humph Bogart stars in the film. "Noir is the night" said a joker, passing by.

*I think that the tincture changes everything. *It's best to avoid the tincture, at all costs. *See the horrified refugees, for example.