Monday, May 16, 2016


In order to really succeed, I’m prepping a cheesy resume, my curriculum velveetae. I’ll probably send it by Greek tragedy post, via Medea Mail. The sunset prayer for scooter, Vespa’s Vespers, can be recited along with an affirmation of the Cuban highball, c.f., “I got my mojito workin’!” Those who are rockin’ the Casbah versus those who are rockin’ the cash bar: ask the coroner, down on the corner, drinking a Corona. By saying “the Bohemian poet in wetter weather”, do you mean Rainier Maria Rilke? A maudlin passerine (blue jay) considered simultaneously with the female republic (va-jay-jay) considered simultaneously with Reasonable Doubt rapper (Jay Z) yields one Blue Va-Jay-Jay Z. His unreleased masterpiece, “Boner’s Manual”, (in lieu of traditional instructions), should be distributed to every adolescent. If you want to know, the French military always assigns a comedian to watch the fuel depot in the desert, since the petrol patrol is drôle. “Que Sahara Sahara”, concludes the musketeer. If I can find the powdered drink, Tang, in orange, kiwi, and pineapple flavors, then why not prune? Why no Prune Tang? Last I heard, the pedestrian lady was marrying her traffic policeman, oh yeah: she was wedding her whistle. After a wedding in Italy, c.f., Roman nuptials, the couple will exchange views of each other’s sticky butts: a honey moon. If a lettuce could tell time, it’d probably feature romaine numerals, uh huh. 

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Monday: Blue Jay Z


mark wallace said...

It's time to throw the blue jays in the air and LET MAYHEM ENSUE.


my first question to someone like that would be -- are you throwing blue jays into the air -- or are you just happy to see me?

[unless i'm mistaken, this line of reasoning descends from mae west, who asked a similar question, if i'm not mistaken, while on the stage (as opposed to silver screen).]

it would be both strange and powerful alike to possess blue jays in such numbers as to throw them all into the air. mayhem would ensue -- or there would already be mayhem, either way.

had she been a seamstress, mae west might've been mayhem west. i'm sure she effected mayhem, of course. if you think about it -- she's saved countless lives. every life preserver in the world was renamed for her, after all.