Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Seven baby Drakes and Hens. . . . as themselves
Voices of Baltimore. . . . as themselves

Running Time:
25 seconds

Director’s Note:
Thanks to my colleagues for bonding together as Team Duck. Seven baby mallidz (whose mother is thought to have perished) were transported to a nature preserve where they will develop oil glands and become the best drakes and hens they can be. We were proud to give back to the duck community!

Critical Reception
“This film inherits plenty from Duck Soup. . . . and squanders it all!” —Lucy Goosie
“Two wings up! Mallard valor!” —Fowl Bawl
“Three mallidz in the Tupperware! As they say.” —Pole Tree

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mark wallace said...

Where those mallidz left on somebody's desk who, like, found them in the morning? Where were those mallidz found? Dangerous--one can catch, from them, a mallady.


We've been keeping tab on these mallidz. For two months, the mallidz this & the mallidz that, but they were cool dux, them dux gave us our space & we obleeged them and their nests, hovels, squattings, quackery & convoys & coveys. In the end, though, them drakes & henz was like where all the mallidz at, namely the adult mallidz? So we swooped in. They wuz on the train tracks, man. The light rail. (Ain't nothing light about the light rail, btw, especially when set against uh mallidz.) So that's where we at.