Wednesday, March 7, 2018


The musician arrived with a bag of 30 harmonicas.
30 harmonicas!
He selected two.
And he began playing both of them, together.
A folk song.
A beautiful tune, newly interpreted. His way.
There were many others of us there.
We all had jobs to do.
(I myself “co-produced.”) (I also made some sandwiches.)
Whatever each of us was doing. . . . .
When the man played, and sang, we heard him. Oh yes.
“A recording was made,” as they say.
There is more. Much, much more.
Stay tuned, my friends.           

too mysterious? see incredible hulk + pris Stratton


Ted Zook said...

That's really mysterious!


Nobody's identity revealed, yes, but of course, you know a good bit of the back-story, Good Sir, as you are a valued Counselor on these matters. 'Twas a fine day in shire.


Heather Fuller said...

30:2 ... exquisitely precise odds. As in, I know 15 good souls, but wd choose only 1 to lead me thru the Valley. That photo is downright prismatic w/ possibility. Congrats, grtstn.


Thanks Hthr. The two harmonicas were employed as complementary items, and as contrasts, and as fuel for the propulsion of the song, which was fabulous. Some of the best songs have operated that way ("Digital" for example, by Joy Division) (" in, day out...") but I digress. This project isn't a question of "if" any longer and it is necessary, after all, it is required of us, and we are hopefully going to be adequate stewards of this song, this amazing cultural artifact. I appreciate your support very much. --Grtstn