Thursday, June 12, 2014


Gratuitous Julie Christie picture. FML.

Stopping to think “I’ve seen [insert sight] in a previous life” doesn’t really convince me. Oh, the train brooded on the spur-track the same way as it did once before; Oh, the sky filled with thunder and wind the same way as it did once before; Oh, the State of New York awarded Woody Allen’s spouse her own university, SUNY Previn, as it did once before, “I SAY HAH.” Whereas, stopping to think about stopping to think—now, that might be déjà viewable. Seeing as it only happens twice—[i.e., stopping to think]—things often travel beyond irony into steely damn. Hey, I think I’ve seen this typeface on a previous occasion. It’s Omar Sans Sharif, the font of an Egyptian actor who gets to freak Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago. Speaking of actors, Al Pacino plays a wily mountain cop who blows the whistle on high-altitude corruption in Nepal. The flick’s called Sherpaco. CHECK IT OUT. Maybe it’ll be your punishment in the underworld to keep approaching the same station in a crowded conveyance, everyone shoulder-to-shoulder and Enya aficionados to boot. Yeah, it’ll be summer, and the strap-hangers will smell like a bean casserole or just plain muggy overalls straight outta the hamper. A pot of chili and good ol’ American B.O.—[when you really think about it]—really do estimate one another. Perhaps your punishment in the underworld will be to keep appearing in a spinoff sitcom, I Dream Of Hygenie. Hey: Language matters: Dignity matters: No matter how many times you may stop to think “I’ve seen this [insert slander] in a previous life”: No; language matters; Hot Dignity Dawg.


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pure gnomic genius


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