Thursday, March 19, 2015


You must disable (1) Views (2) Ordinary Views (3) Undercarriage Cam (4) Bridge Cam (5) Give Back to the Community Cam (6) Pay Per Views (7) Friendship dot TV (8) Gluten Free dot TV (9) Female Raptor Cam (10) Raptor Cam.

Click the gear icon to begin the process.

If you require assistance disabling Views, et cetera, counselors may be trucked-in on a sliding-scale fee system to help you with (A) Emotional Considerations (B) Disabling Views (C) Enabling Zippy Views.

Congratulations on enabling Zippy Views.

Zippy Views include (1A) Patterns, evaporative (2B) Patterns, sidereal (3C) Hillary Clinton & You (4D) Environmental Catastrophe for Dumb-asses (5E) Duck Pond Makeover (6F) Classic Duck Pond (7G) Three Duck Duck Pond (8H) Goose, entrée (9I) Goose, fusion (10J) Fish Stix.

Enable Zippy Views!

The future of Zippy Views is … shovel-ready!

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