Wednesday, September 16, 2015



Parker in Red Hat as. . . . Parker in Red Hat.
Passers by as. . . . Passers By.

At the very outset, Parker discovers heaps of tickets. Rails against the cruelty of it all. Resigns himself to the sad regularity of progress. Closes himself off from the world inside his car. All the while Lee Morgan interprets this moment through the bad brass of his phenomenal trumpet + Band. Oh yeah. 

Dan Gutstein

Running Time:

Lee Morgan, excerpt from song, “Morgan The Pirate”, from album Search For The New Land (Blue Note, 1964), Lee Morgan (tp), Wayne Shorter (ts), Grant Green (g), Herbie Hancock (p), Reginald Workman (b), and Billy Higgins (d).

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mark wallace said...

Does he pull the tickets off his own windshield? I can't quite see it well enough.

Kafka, Beckett, Cheever, it's all here. The futility!

Great soundtrack.


Right at the very start, he takes them off his windshield.

The Lee Morgan is pretty great, agreed. Generally speaking, Lee Morgan doesn't disappoint.

The absence of the ticket-giver is palpable. The man rails against the system. But the jazz goes on. . . . .


M. C. Zito said...

Convert this to black & white and you have a Palme d'Or candidate. I mean, why not get the start of the majestic world and bear the Palme d'Or alone? Or at the very least, a Plum d'Note. I am of that self mettle as my friend Dr. Wallace, though cinema-wise I might also profess Welles, Bergman, and Kozintsev. The hardscrabble life at it's utmost brutal.


There must be some -- small -- percentage of people who've fallen asleep on the train and woken up in prison. Like, Jessup. Which is one reason I avoid the Camden Line, but I digress. Neigh, there's a morale here -- a correlation between the sleeping commuter and this Bro's car -- which was saddled with massive fees underneath said wipiz. Saying otherwise would be like saying "de Trollope" and nobody has said "de Trollop" in a long time, except -- maybe -- as part of a disorder and even that whuddn't clear.

Lee Morgan of course knows something about Blue D'Note.