Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Seen from another angle as when an area—station, square—contemplated on Sunday.

The expression may calcify into a demonstration of thistle-thorn dismay.

By “imagine your face” I mean shadow, your expression itself a shadow.

These colors: light green sky, pale stone, graffiti: these colors now.

The emporium of youth versus the emporium of adulthood.

If Person A will ail at Point X, then Person B will ail at Point Y.

(Loneliness aggrandizes the symmetrical nature of most pain.)

Whereas a big galosh of dirty cloud busts open a caucus of old doves.

These colors: pale stone, water-wood, radio tower: these colors now.

What brightens the ticking synapses versus what warms the solid state capacity for violence.

The difference between idling (unit of river bank) and waiting (unit of high-rise.)

Rust, rusty coloring, what gnaws into our porticos of awareness.

By “imagine your face”, I mean the uncorrected ritual of love.

Or the sliding scale of sunlight, or the balloting of voices in airshafts and alleys.

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Anonymous said...

Loneliness aggrandizes the symmetrical nature of most pain.

That about says it.



thanks, ssgs.


tpw said...

Wait a second! Is this really true?


tpw, sir:

This is based upon a true story, but the names and ages and ATM pin numbers have been changed to help camouflage and subterfuge the innocent. I know that 50 Cent is a rapper, but what about inno-cent? How much cent is that? The French scientists are whirling everything around in a subterfuge, are they not? Kind of like them cakes down at the bakery, going around in circles forever and ever. Them cakes must be mighty dizzy! That's what this post is about.