Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Holiday Beverage (Old-School)

We ain't talkin' cereal.

"The Apple Jack" was a jump blues recorded by bandleader Joe Morris, featuring Johnny Griffin on tenor saxophone, in 1948. There are but a few lyrics at the very beginning: "Apple jack / apple jack / Let's go / AAAAAAHHH!" before the horns start bouncing. It's a fairly electric moment. In a perfect world, there would be apple jack, the drink, and apple jack, the song, simultaneously, and regularly. Applejacks, plural, are kiddie fare, of course, whereas jacks are a toy, apples are a fruit, Jacks are many men named John or Jake or Jacob and jacks are phone outlets, among many other jacks, apples, applejacks and apple-jack. May your holidays have at least an apple, if not some apple-jack. Happy Thanksgiving to One and All.


mannequin_voyeur said...

happy turkeys to all and to all a good night

Anonymous said...

Or at least some wine-spodee-odee, MF.

mark wallace said...

Hey, where does the Jackass fit in all this?

Dan / Daniel Gutstein said...

to the voyeurs the the gooses of the world, and The Machine:

i am about to indulge in round 2 of turkey -- had some wine spo de o dee and will have some more -- and as for the jackass, it's half jack half ass -- the jack lay down with the ass during a time of stress.