Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Dad says that Time Out is punishment but on TV
when a coach calls Time Out the players hug &
the scrubs run onto the court for, like, 30 seconds
I observe this to Dad then he sends me into Time Out
now I have to stand near the record player where Dad
has propped up an album called Time Out—ha ha—
very funny—by a guy named Dave Brubeck Quartet
Dad closes his eyes & gets all rubbery when he plays it
& when he plays Time Out, Mom gets all rubbery, too
I try to get rubbery like Mom & Dad—to be a family—
but Dad sends me into Time Out w/ no rubbery option
so I try to think deep thoughts, you know, like should I
dookie in the peepee toilet at school & show everyone &
it must look like I’m practicing in Time Out b/c uh oh!

[NaPoWriMo Sonnet #2. Too, see: Be a Professional & Come Out Swinging]

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