Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The Author, Hoisted.

After a month of intense deliberations (with appropriate breaks for Stout) I have decided to forge ahead with the blog. According to Blogger statistics, last year alone Blood And Gutstein recorded more page-views than in its previous four years (combined), with hits in the tens of thousands. I offer my sincere thanks to devoted readers and casual tourists alike, and pledge to create more mayhem in 2014, a year that has a nice ring to its own numerology.

Up that alley, and to make up for lost time, next week will be Complaint Week at Blood And Gutstein, with five posts (one for each business day) featuring unmitigated critical acumen (read: Complaints) of various types and various sizes. It’ll be “thcandalouth”; it’ll be “ludicrouth.” Critics will dub it UnmitiGate or maybe even MitiGate. Topics may include, but will not be limited to Medicine, “American Dudes”, Beer Prices, Gravity, and Smoking.

You may be interested to know a few things about Posts of Yore. Here are a few Blood And Gutstein facts, as reported by Blogger statistics:

The second most popular post (a jokey post) of all time is: Valences, meantime.

The most popular movie of all time is THE HAND FAN THAT STIRS THE PUMA.

I am especially proud of THE GREATEST POET, PAUL CELAN.

Thanks again for keeping up with my blog. I realize that the relationship between blogger and reader can involve a lot of “give and take.” Please see my latest film, TUG-O-WAR, for more information.

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