Friday, April 10, 2015


The earth weathers numerous isometrics of sexual rejection.

Who delivered this pulpy cantaloupe, or if you will, this melon of dubious fragrance?

Even the strongest radio channel flirts with the jagged frontiers of static; every exposure must penetrate the scrim.

The cold, quiet synapse-spaces that once conducted pain—as music—to the hemisphere.

Either the tree or the man might grow crookedly, the man rooted among the poverty of other crooked trunks.

A project dubbed “Move the Hillside” indeed moved the hillside to a secondary location dubbed “Secondary Hillside.”

The number of rusty vehicles the number of dormant vehicles the rusty dormant corner of town.

Light presides the percentage of light presiding the percent of impotent radiation.

Where ample sustenance coincides with the outcry for sustenance: reveal, to me, this arena.

Animals that would never contact one another—shrimp and bacon—assembled in the same sandwich, every day, in every city.

Oh, there are deer, but no woods; the deer idle at the outskirts.

A moment of astonishment before brute force, brutes applying tourniquets, et cetera, prevails.

Will the world evict us? Will you think about my hands?

The greater distinction hinges on saying Yes.

for 2015 NaPoWriMo sonnet #9: Interview with a Scientist Who Must Harvest an Unusual Source of Energy
for 2105 NaPoWriMo sonnet #11: Interview with an Angry Customer in the Fitting Room


Anonymous said...

I been followin your blog a long time from overseas and fucking hell this is a great poem. Who the fuck are you man? Fair play to you!




what a comment! i'm not sure i'm worthy of this high praise, or whether i'm capable of writing a suitable response. mostly, i'll just say thank you for following the blog -- and from quite a geographical distance, too.

your question "Who the fuck are you man?" is a great question. i wish i had the time and money to find out. mostly i just try to scuttle along as best i can. writing i spoze is the nearest "system of worship" and the sonnet is often my cathedral. otherwise, i pay my taxes and drink an appropriate number of ales.

thank you for your kindness,


Heather Fuller said...

Agreed, pretty darn stellar - one of the best i'view sonnitz yet - and yet it can preside as exemplar of other innovative forms. "project dubbed 'Move the Hillside'..." is a killer. Grt also is "Yes" as closure, sewing it up.


Thx for the kind words, Hthr. This project wldnt have gone fwd w/o yr encouragement. I am much obleeged.

xo Grtstn

Heather Fuller said...

I'm curious - which came 1st: title or poem?

Hey, we've got each other's back on the project support front.


The titles always come first. I find that the interview either responds to the title or not at all; there doesn't seem to be much middle ground.

It might be nice to make a book of interviews / BAG posts at some point.

Well all reet then.